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How to Choose the Best Promotional Product

Using promotional gifts like pens, mugs, and umbrellas is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Not only must you choose something that will get used but it must get seen as well. custom pens with logo A practical gift like a pen or mug that gets used regularly will constantly remind your client of your brand. The recipient of the gift should be proud to use the gift and be happy to show it to others to give the best results.

Promotional conference folders make useful gifts as the right recipients will find it will help them keep organized in their business life. You must ensure that your gift will get used so choosing the correct gift for each person is essential. The positioning of your name, logo, and contact details is very important as they must be seen but not be overpowering. A promotional gift of high quality will get used for years and improve your brand awareness.

Promotional coffee mugs are a relatively cheap item if bought in bulk and will get used a few times every day. Your logo on a mug could sit on someone’s desk most of the day and be a constant reminder of your brand. A coffee mug is a good size to print your logo, telephone number, and web address so make use of this premium space.

Logo Pens are handy gifts that will get used daily and be a constant reminder to display your corporate image to the best advantage. The quality of these promotional items is important as a cheap item may not get used and therefore be not as visible, whereas a more expensive item will get shown off but may cost you more than it is worth. Cheap plastic pens may just get thrown away or lost but a nice metallic type of pen that looks expensive will be more looked after.

A very useful gift that recipients will use time and time again are promotional USB drives or memory sticks. These have come down in price significantly over the last few years and you can now get a 512 MB drive with your logo printed on it for less than £3 per unit. USB drives can come in a variety of shapes including hearts, people, and even airplanes.

Promotional bags are another good way to promote your brand. Bags for life and eco bags are very fashionable at the moment and having your logo carried around will get your brand seen in all sorts of places. This is an example of another product that will get used time and time again.

Corporate gifts that will display your brand in a large visible format and be very useful are promotional golf umbrellas. Although this may not get used as much as a pen it will certainly have a greater impact. Your logo could be seen from a distance by many people.

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