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Euphoria Season 2 Finale Marks New Highs

The highly-anticipated second season of HBO’s “Euphoria” came to a close with yet another jaw-dropping episode. From start to finish, the show kept viewers on the edge of their seats with its depiction of teenage angst, addiction, and mental health.

Once again, it proves to be a powerhouse and must-watch television. Here we will conclude some memorable moments from the series. Stream the show without interruptions by subscribing to a reliable internet service provider.

The Storyline

The storyline of Euphoria Season 2 focuses on the interactions of high schoolers in the town of East Highland, where Rue (17 years old) must balance love, loss, and addiction while balancing her family’s expectations. Some scenes were quite intense and sparked controversy, as many of the season’s biggest conflicts were resolved.

The viewership for the season finale increased by 30% compared to last month. The show’s last episode earned 555,000 viewers in the first season. On Euphoria’s Season 2 finale, Nate and Cal’s reunion was tense and the consequences of Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) play.

Euphoria Debut

This show has received glowing reviews since its release. It has been lauded for its cinematography, storyline, score, performances by the cast, and mature subject matter. The television series was nominated for the International Television Award and the Dramatic Achievement Award from the British Academy of Television Arts.

In recognition of her performance, Zendaya won an Emmy Award and a Satellite Award for Best Actress in the drama series.

According to the latest ratings, Euphoria has the second-highest viewership behind Game of Thrones on HBO. Across all platforms, Euphoria Season 2 episodes averaged 16.3 million viewers, which is better than any other HBO series, excluding Game of Thrones. In addition, a robust 19 million Americans viewed the premiere of Season 2.

The series has surpassed HBO’s previous milestones and is also becoming Twitter’s most tweeted show of the decade, with approximately 34 million tweets in the United States. Additionally, social content ratings company Talkwater reports that the teen drama also topped social media on other platforms during its second season, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sam Levinson’s drama is the most-watched program on HBO Max in the U.S. for the seventh consecutive week, and it is the most-watched show in Latin America and Europe.

Euphoria Rankings

Since the second season, HBO Max has ranked Euphoria as the top title. The show beat viewing records each week. For Super Bowl Sunday, it reached a series-high (which has since been surpassed by the latest figures).

Like most other productions attempting to film over the past year, Euphoria was delayed significantly from filming the second season due to the pandemic and lockdown situation. Euphoria specials further aired in December’20 and January‘21.

WarnerMedia also claims that the show has ranked as the “number 1 title on HBO Max” in America, for at least 7 consecutive weeks. It has also ranked as one of the top shows in Latin America and Europe.

The star of the show and executive producer Zendaya addressed heavy topics like teen addiction, saying that the show is not “a moral tale that teaches people how to live their lives.”

According to Zendaya, Euphoria aims to “help people feel a little less alone in their experience and pain, and maybe even feel like they’re not the only ones going through it.”

Renewed for Season 3, the Euphoria series is created, directed, executively produced and written by Sam Levinson. The series is inspired by the Israeli series created by  Daphna Levin Ron Leshem with the same name.

Stream Away

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