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Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Face

Shopping for glasses? Not sure which glass is going to be the most appropriate one for you? While shopping for glasses, you must keep the shape of your face in mind, and depending on that, you should make your purchase. Different glasses look good on different faces. So, here we have come up with a quick guide that will help you to understand how to choose the right glasses for your face shape for 

Round face: The round face has a wide forehead with a rounded chin and full cheeks. This kind of face is easily identifiable because of the absence of strong angles and circular features.

So, it would help if you went for contrasting frames that can make your face look longer and thinner. You can go for lenses that are wide and tall. The frame should also give an illusion of a thin and angular face. Square, rectangular, cat-eye frames and Vintage Style Glasses work well for round faces. Rounded frames seems to fit most shapes of faces.

Square face: People having square faces have angular features and a distinct jawline. If you have such a face, you should always go for thinner frames with a lot of curves in them. This will add a touch of softness to your face and make you look really good. 

It would help if you went for round and circular frames in neutral colors. This will highlight your face and give you a stylish look. You can also go for cat-eyes and aviator frames. This face shape is versatile, and you will look good in almost any glasses.

Oval shape: People having an oval face have balanced features. They have narrow and pointed chins and high cheekbones. For such faces, you should go for frames that are wide in shape and have bold colors. This is going to add gravity to your face. 

People with oval faces have got a lot of options in hand. They can go for both rectangular and circular frames. You can also choose to go for oversized frames to give yourself a bold look.

Heart-shaped faces: People having heart-shaped faces have a really broad forehead and narrow pointed chin. They also have high cheekbones. This kind of face is easily distinguishable because of its sharp features.

Many with these characteristics would choose a neutral shape of glasses.

Make sure you choose the frame that is the right for you, your face and your style. What never goes out of style, are Vintage glasses of all kinds.

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