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Best way to Write a Job Application Email

A job application email is essentially an email-formatted cover letter. The purpose of this email is to demonstrate that you are a suitable fit for a position. Demonstrate that you have the expertise, talents, and skills to contribute to their team. If you copy and paste this email into a Word document, it should be about a page long. Because your space is restricted, only add details that are directly relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Employers might accept job applications in a variety of ways. While many organizations employ automated application processes or require you to hand in your materials in person, others prefer that you email your application materials. When sending this email, include a note demonstrating why you are a good fit for the position. This section will cover how to compose a job application email.

How to apply for a job via email

What is the best approach to applying for jobs via email? Follow the job posting’s application requirements, and only send a résumé and cover letter through email if the employer wants it. Aside from that, keep the following suggestions in mind:

include a cover letter. When you email your CV, you should add a brief cover letter other than your resume cover letter. This might be your email introduction, and this will assist the recruiting manager in noticing your application.

Maintain a professional demeanour. You cannot be casual or sloppy simply because you are sending your message by email. Before you write your own, review the standards for drafting and formatting job application letters.

Examine some sample email cover letters. Use email cover letter examples to get started—just remember to tailor your message to each job posting. A basic email will not help you stand out from the crowd.

Test and proofread your message. It is equally critical to compose your message with the same attention and accuracy that you would a printed letter. Proofread your email and send yourself a test to ensure that the formatting is correct.

Why Should You Send a Job Application via email?

“How come I can’t just send an email cover letter?” You absolutely can.

It is not inappropriate to send a whole Cover Letter through email. This is entirely dependent on your own preferences.

Our recommendation is to send a résumé and cover letter via email attachment. At the very least, you should be aware of the importance of a perfectly written resume, especially if you plan on delivering your CV straight to the company’s HR department. To make your resume stand out and land the interview you’re hoping for, consider hiring a resume writing service.


Attachments are easy to file, print, distribute, and store for future reference for HR and the Hiring Manager.

Emails may become lost in inboxes or be removed inadvertently. Your reader will notice attachments more readily.

If you start an email thread from your initial email with the included Cover Letter, it will likely be relegated to the bottom and forgotten about.

What to put in your job application email

You can impress the hiring manager by including the following information in your job application email:

  • The reason for writing the email.
  • The job position in which you are interested.
  • Your name and contact information.
  • Your educational credentials, training, and job experience.
  • Attach your job application cover letter. If you are writing the cover letter in the email body, you do not need to attach it.
  • Your curriculum vitae as an attachment.
  • Any other documents specified as required by the company in the job advertisement.

Before sending the application, remember to check if you have


In the message’s subject line, mention your name and the job for which you’re applying.


Take the time to demonstrate to the hiring manager how and why you are the best candidate for the job.

What can you do to make your email stand out from the crowd?

 Every day, hiring managers receive a flood of emails. Many job application emails are so poorly written that hiring managers ignore any attachments. So, here are a few pointers to help you improve your next application email:

  1. Appropriate email subject line

Include your name and the job title you are applying for in the email subject line to catch the hiring manager’s attention. They receive a large number of emails, and by doing so, you make their job easier.

  1. Proper salutation

 Address your email to a specific person, which you may find by examining the company’s website, LinkedIn profiles, or calling the front office and asking who you should address the email.

If you are unable to identify the appropriate recipient of your application, you may generalize the salutation by saying, “Dear Hiring Manager,” “Dear Recruiting Manager,” or “Dear Human Resources Manager.”

  1. Keep it brief and straightforward.

 Keep it concise and just include essential information about yourself and why the position is a good fit for you. Nobody likes to read a long email full of useless information.

  1. Proper format

A neat and organized job application email enhances the likelihood of it getting read by the employer. Remember to allow adequate space between paragraphs and check any grammatical problems.

An employer may form an impression of you based on your job application email before reviewing your résumé. It explains to the hiring manager why you are a good candidate for the job. It also explains why you are interested in the job, your professional background, and your motivation for the position.

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