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6 wedding jewelry essentials for an indian bride

Traditional jewelry is always a must-have for a bridal appearance. Most of you are probably familiar with the Solah Sringar, which translates to “16 bridal adornments.” It consists of sixteen pieces that a bride can use to accessorize herself from head to toe for her wedding day.

The modern millennial bride, on the other hand, defies these conventions and does not always wear all sixteen pieces. She will dress comfortably, but she will make sure to complete her ensemble with the appropriate ornaments, which she will either inherit from her ancestors or purchase from her favorite store.

Here’s a list of the most important items of jewelry from 16 items to include in your bridal ensemble.

A nose ring, also known as a nath, is ideal wedding jewelry for brides. Despite their increasing popularity in the fashion industry, nose rings are an integral part of a Hindu bride’s trousseau. The nose ring, or nath, is an epigram to Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of Marriage. A Nath is a type of nose ring that is worn on the left side of the nose to brighten the overall bridal look. The nath or nose ring should be on your list of bride accessories. Even if your nose isn’t pierced, clip-on nose rings are quite appealing and are the best option. There are some that are even lighter.

Maang Tikka is a well-known bridal jewelry and accessory brand. Every bride’s Mangtikka is an essential item of Indian wedding hair jewelry. Maang Tikka is a popular hair accessory. This bridal hair jewelry has a drop pendant that sits in the centre of the bride’s forehead, where the sixth chakra is located, and is worn on the bride’s hairline. According to Hindu mythology, the maang tikka, a magnificent hair ornament, signifies the third eye, or, to put it another way, the soul’s strength. It is also the centre of preservation on a spiritual, bodily, and emotional level, signifying the divine union of the man and woman.

The royal bridal jewelry is bangles or bridal bracelets. Bangles, wedding bracelets, or Kada, as any bride will tell you, are an integral component of any traditional Indian attire. A newlywed Hindu bride is always seen wearing a Chura, a set of white and crimson bangles that represent her married status. A Hindu bride is not permitted to have her arms exposed, according to Indian culture. Is there anything else we can say? Bangles, like her wedding gown, hold a special place in a woman’s heart. For the house of the top South Indian Jewelers, you can have gorgeous gold bangles, diamond bagles, antique bangles, and more.


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No other piece of jewelry looks as beautiful on a bride’s palms and fingers as a Hathphool. Hathphool is a flower-shaped jewel fashioned for the backs of the palms that literally means “flower of the hand.” A Panchangala (five-finger jewel), Haath Kamal (hand chain), or Hath Panja is another name for it (hand chain). Mughal’s courtesans popularized the hathphool, which is currently worn by brides from all walks of life. This accessory has improved in terms of design. It can be hefty and rich for a wedding or simple and tasteful for everyday wear.

Payal With such elegance, a Payal or anklet, whether simple or elaborate, completes a bridal look. A payal, which is constructed of silver metal and embellished with beads or hanging bells, generates a ringing sound when a bride walks. A bride wearing payals on her feet is said to announce the coming of Goddess Lakshmi. It’s a supplement to the henna used on the bride’s feet. The most significant part of bridal jewelry in payal.

Necklace A bride doesn’t need to be told how much a necklace is worth. Every Hindu bride should have this piece of bridal jewelry. These necklaces were once only available in gold, but now you may choose from a wide range of styles that incorporate diamonds, pearls, colored jewels, and rubies. It is the focal element of a Hindu bride’s dress and is usually worn above the neckline. In addition to the necklace, a Hindu bride wears a Mangalsutra, which represents the divine union between a man and a woman.

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