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Styling guide for the pork pie hats for men

The shape and the extraordinary style of the pork pie hat, makes it the best and the most suited one for the men out there. You can always wear this hat in style and feel like the most stylish person out there.

This is a hat that gained its popularity back in the 19th century when a famous actor had worn it in the movie. This is an amazing hat and it is found made of felt and straw that is easily found on the good stores for the hats for men and can be worn easily.

However, selection of this particular hat, according to your face cuts would be very important because the different styles of the hats are introduced because of the different facial structures and personalities of the people.

But how to know if this hat is going to look good on your face or not?

Here we are to tell you that there is no hard and fast rule for wearing this hat, but the simplest thing to remember is that the crown of this hat is rather short.

So if you have an oval, a long or a short face, you can wear it easily as it will complement you well. but if you have a round or a square shape, you should go for a hat that has a higher crown and will make your face look longer.

Many people wear the hats to adjust their features and if you are quite tall, you can wear this hat easily, but if you are looking for a hat that would add inches to your height, go for some hat that has a really high crown.

Another thing that you should remember when you are shopping for the most perfect pork pie hat for yourself, is your jaw line. This hat would suit you best if the brim of the hat is slightly wider than your brim. This is the reason why people with round or square faces need to avoid it.

However, if you are not very much style conscious and you want to wear this hat anyways, then you can use it easily. People like to wear a pork pie hat both for the formal and casual occasions and so you can as well. we hope you find the best hat out there.

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