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Sports Watches: Top Features for Sports Fanatics

Watches have been designed for sports enthusiasts for years. If you are involved in a sport, whether on land or on the water, there is a good chance that you can make use of a watch whilst you partake in your chosen activity to help you get more from it. Watches are far more convenient than mobile phones because there is no way you can take your phone with you most of the time. But what are some of the most popular features of sports watches such as Adidas watches to help you get more from your watch?


If you are involved in any water-based activity then you will need a waterproof watch. If you enjoy swimming, sailing, surfing, wind sailing or any other water sport then go for a model which is truly waterproof rather than just water resistant.

For scuba diving you will need to have a watch which is specially made for this purpose. The pressure is a lot greater just a few metres below the surface, and you will need a watch that can stand up to this, with Rotary divers watches being a good option.

Stop Watch

If you are involved in any sport which involves a racing element then a stop watch is ideal. Many good makes of watch such as Casio watches often come with stop watches and these can be used for a whole variety of purposes whether you are a sprinter, a marathon runner or involved in other forms of racing.


A timer is also useful for many sports, and watches such as Adidas watches often come with this feature. If you are playing a game which is timed, such as football or basketball, it can help you to keep an eye on exactly how long is left. Also, if you are trying to beat a previous record then you can use the countdown to help you push yourself further to beat your personal best.

Well Built

It is a common feature of most sports watches that they are well built to help them to last longer. A sports watch is often a lot tougher than a phone – drop your phone and you’ll be buying a new one, but with a well-built sports watch it will be able to deal with knocks and bumps without any problems.


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