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How I Became A Fashion Influencer

When I started my first blog post about fashion, I didn’t know what Influencer meant. And yet, I am today one of the most recognizable names in fashion blogs and online content. It wasn’t easy or quick by any means, but some key steps helped me grow in this space:

I was a Fashion Blogger before the term Influencer even existed.

In 2009, I began my blogging journey focusing on beauty and fashion, essential topics missing from the internet. But there wasn’t an “influencer” term back then…at least not for bloggers like me! I was just a fashion blogger.

I didn’t have anything worth sharing on social media because my blog was so focused on just one topic: fashion and beauty. Once I realized how much fun it could be to share what was going on in my life with other people (even if it wasn’t necessarily related to clothing or makeup). That’s when things changed for me as an influencer!

I started out writing about fashion and beauty for fun.

I started out writing about fashion and beauty for fun. I didn’t worry about getting paid or even getting tons of readers–I just posted what I loved! I didn’t know anyone who did this professionally, so it was a great way to share my interests with others.

Many things can help you feel confident in your writing abilities: reading other people’s blogs, joining online forums where writers discuss their craft, taking classes from an experienced teacher (or even watching YouTube videos). But when it comes to me, the essential thing is just putting the work out there. Don’t worry about whether anyone else reads your writing; focus on writing honestly from within yourself as much as possible!

People started to notice my writing style.

I was a good writer and had a distinct voice. I was consistent in my writing style and honest about my thoughts on the products I reviewed. In other words, I didn’t say something was great because someone sponsored it or gave me free stuff (which happens more often than you would think).

People noticed that when they read my posts and liked what they saw–and that’s why so many other influencers started reaching out to me!

When Instagram launched, I still thought I had nothing worth sharing there.

When Instagram launched, I still didn’t have anything worth sharing there. I was afraid of being judged and having my pictures rejected–and the only way to be successful on Instagram was by having a lot of followers. But then something happened: one day, while scrolling through my feed, I saw a picture taken by an unknown person with only nine followers.

The photo was beautiful and inspiring; it showed off her style in such an intimate way that it made me feel connected to her as if we had friends in real life (even though we’d never met). And then everything changed for me–I realized that other people like me weren’t afraid of putting themselves out there on social media!

Then, I started posting more often and created a second account focused on fashion.

The best way to get started is by posting every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If you need help with ideas or content, try looking at your favorite influencers’ Instagram accounts famous seeing what they do.

Consider creating a second account focused on fashion or any other niche market that interests you.

This will allow you more freedom in how often and what type of content that reports focuses on since it won’t be as tied down by daily posts as the main one. Additionally, having two accounts allows followers who might not be interested in one topic but love another one to follow without feeling like they’re missing out on anything important! This can be very useful.

To manage both accounts effectively without getting bogged down by working them separately all day long: consider using an app like Hootsuite so that all updates posted through different apps/social media platforms show up under one place where users can easily see everything posted from either account at any given time – making life easier on yourself while also boosting engagement levels overall since there are no longer any gaps between posts made elsewhere versus those made directly onto each respective platform itself.”

In 2013, I launched my blog and focused solely on writing about fashion and beauty.

In 2013, when I began my blog, I was unaware of the ultimate results or outcomes. I had no connections or big plans; I just wanted to write about exciting things and see if anyone else liked my work too! I wanted to become a fashion blogger and share my love for beauty.

As time passed, more people began reading my blog posts–and eventually, they also started leaving comments (which was terrific). This gave me confidence as an influencer who could make a difference in people’s lives by simply sharing something that mattered to them every day through writing content online about topics explicitly related to fashion/beauty communities.

Which meant everything since those were two areas where interest levels were high enough among consumers who wanted answers right away when searching through search engines like Google using keywords such as “How do I style my hair?” Or “How do I remove makeup?” etcetera…

You don’t have to be famous at the start of a career in fashion media!

Being an influencer means people rely on your opinion when seeking answers about what clothes they should wear or brands they should buy from. It is more than just having a lot of followers–it’s about being someone who can help others make decisions based on their style and preferences (and hopefully get paid for doing so).


This post has given insight into how I became an influencer marketing fashion products. I’ve been lucky to have my work featured in many major publications and brands, including Vogue and Elle magazines! It’s a challenging career path if you are willing to do the job, and can be rewarding.

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