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Every Woman Loves Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Tanzanite is a stunningly bright blue-violet hued semi-precious stone, which was first found in the 1960s near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and named after the county. It slightly resembles a blue sapphire and is mostly found in fine jewelry as tanzanite engagement rings and pendants are a hot trend these days. Since it is rare and has such a beautiful tone, it is frequently used in fine jewelry and is sought after by women all over the world.

In the recent past, tanzanite became a popular choice as the featured stone in engagement rings as it looked modern, was rare and just as sparkly as a diamond, with its cost significantly less than a solitaire. Using tanzanite in engagement rings lent a more personal touch and hence it quickly became a popular trend. In engagement rings, tanzanite is usually paired with other precious stones like diamonds and precious metals like white gold and platinum as it is a universal color combination preferred by everyone. You can find good quality and trendy designs in tanzanite jewelry at Chordia Jewels Jewelry brand.


Tanzanite gems are widely known for their “fire” or sparkle. The highest quality tanzanites have a deep, even hue that ranges from a royal blue tinged with violet to a more bright and vivid violet shade. While tanzanite is more affordable in smaller carats than the similarly hued sapphire as well as diamonds and

tanzanite engagement rings

other precious gemstones, it still offers the same rarity and reflective characteristics that make an engagement ring feel and look special. Tanzanite is a relatively softer stone on the Mohs scale, (which measures the hardness of a gemstone), it ranks in between 6.5 and 7, whereas diamonds are a 10, so it’s important to take care of tanzanite jewelry in day to day life or when traveling. It definitely isn’t a weak stone but failing to protect your engagement ring from harsh wear and tear could scratch or damage your stone in the long run.


Although tanzanite might be more affordable than other gemstones, it is just as stunning and has a sparkle that will rival a diamond. It is typically less costly than other precious gemstones but that varies from brand to brand and whether you’re choosing a high quality tanzanite or even a bigger carat. The making charges of an engagement ring, depending on which precious metal you choose, also affect the overall cost so keep that in mind too. Whatever you choose to opt for, make sure there are no cracks in your stone and the color has a deep blue hue that is spread evenly throughout the stone. Make sure that the color is not patchy. An easy way of checking this is flipping your stone upside down and holding it against a white paper in a well lit room. This will show you if there are any obvious flaws in the gemstones, the rest can be checked by a gemstone expert. When you’re shopping for a tanzanite ring, make sure that your gemstone is free of inclusions within the stone and the corners are not fractured or chipped. Always choose a trusted brand when it comes to bullying high end jewelry and make sure that you get a certificate of authentication along with your purchase.

tanzanite engagement rings


Even though it is rated as a softer stone on the Mohs scale, it doesn’t mean that using tanzanite in engagement rings is a bad idea. Well mounted and protective crowns will ensure that the edges of your stone are well preserved. But here are a few tips that will make your tanzanite look as brilliant as the day you first bought it.

  • Wiping it with a muslin cloth along with slightly warm water and a mild soap will be enough to clean your tanzanite ring.
  • Don’t rub the stone very hard and be gentle while rinsing the stone thoroughly, making sure no soap is left behind as it can dull the shine of the stone.
  • Avoid using harsh brushes and rough cloths to clean it and never scrub your stone.
  • If you are traveling, place your engagement ring inside a soft cloth bag or ziplock and put it inside your jewelry pouch. This will protect the stone from getting scratched by other pieces of jewelry in your pouch.
  • Avoid ultrasonic and steam cleaning by jewelers as it uses high frequency vibration and heat and may end up causing more harm than good in the long run.

tanzanite engagement rings


  1. A pear-cut tanzanite surrounded by a sparkling halo of brilliant diamonds in a platinum setting is bound to look brilliant as an engagement ring. This classic style is evergreen and will definitely be a hit as it is unique and will make the wearer feel special.
  2. If you want something more bold and want to feel like royalty every day then opt for a dazzling princess cut tanzanite with a diamond pavé band. With the stone’s royal shape and stunning color, the wearer will feel and look beautiful while making a lasting impact.
  3. If you have a larger budget then opt for the baguette tanzanite with a diamond halo. This is a rare combination and is bound to turn heads and looks simply stunning. Having this in platinum or white gold will add a layer of oomph to it.
  4. If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can opt for a Victorian style oval shaped tanzanite in white gold. It’s a classic and looks fabulous.

Tanzanite is a beautiful stone that can be styled to your preferences. Whether you use it in day to day jewelry or on special occasions it will never be a miss and is worth the money. So go ahead and buy some tanzanite jewelry and expand your collection.

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